Play With Friends

A collection of games you can play with your friends. Games are either web games or pc games. They all support multiplayer with at least two players. The focus of this page is to make it easier to play games with your friends. Traditional online games where you often play with strangers are only listed when they also have some form of private game rooms.
Some games also support local multiplayer with multiple controllers (gamepad or smartphones) on one computer. Other games might require to share the screen, so that everyone can see the game.
Looking for some games to play on a remote party, because COVID-19 does not allow to meet at your place? Here are some games my friends and I enjoyed. To stay in contact during the game sessions it is essential to have some kind of audio or better video chat. I know some people who use Discord, Zoom or Skype but we prefer to use Jitsi, which is free and requires no setup as it runs in your browser.
If you think that a game is missing, send a mail to